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Oracle Precision Invests in 2nd Sliding Head Lathe

April 2018

Yorkshire-based CNC machining company Oracle Precision has invested in a second Star sliding head lathe centre after the resounding success of this machine for their clients, particularly those within the medical sector.

The investment in a second sliding head lathe machine follows in line with the company’s rapid growth following another record year in 2017-18.

The business initially purchased a Star sliding head machine in March 2017, alongside a Hyundai-Wia L400MC horizontal lathe. The Oracle team found it to be a great investment for contract and subcontract work across a range of quality-critical industries such as aerospace, marine, and medical manufacturing.

This has led to the company investing in a second machine to provide a larger work output using these state of the art CNC machining centres. The machine will be based in their Barnsley facility (news about a new facility in Rotherham incoming!)

Star Sliding Head Lathe Machines

Oracle Precision has invested in the Star SR-32JII Type B model sliding head machine. This CNC machine is an automatic sliding head lathe that builds upon the popular Star SR-32J model for even more accurate and consistent results, as well as productivity.

The Star SR-32JII Type B is an 8-axis machine with a machining diameter of up to 35mm possible (32mm as standard). This Swiss-type machine can reach up to 8,000 RPM on the main spindle and can achieve up to 39 machining positions with an increased range of tools.

The complex tasks these impressive machines can achieve include turning, milling, drilling and cross drilling, grooving, boring, and screw-cutting. Superior technology means these machines perform each task with precision and speed, with 24/7 and out of hours operation available.

The SR-32JII Type B model has an 8-spindle back working unit with Y2 axis for increased overlapping opportunities, reducing cycle times and improving stability. These machines are incredibly productive and precise, so the addition of a second centre will only increase the quality and quantity of Oracle Precision’s work for diverse industries.

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