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Advantages of CNC Machining

January 2017

CNC Machining, otherwise known as Computer Numerical Control machining, is a cost-effective way to increase efficiency in the workplace. CNC machines are fast becoming a popular asset in the manufacturing of intricate and complex parts for diverse industries, including the marine, aerospace, automotive, and medical sectors. This is because of the many advantages of CNC machines in comparison to traditional methods.

Types of CNC machining include milling, drilling, and lathes. A CNC drill spins to remove parts of the component, whereas a lathe moves the material against the drill bit. In CNC milling, rotary tools cut away material from the unit. All these types of machining have been made more efficient and accurate with a Computer Numerical Control.

CNC Machining Advantages

The advantages of CNC machines in comparison to conventional machining methods are numerous; these machines use higher levels of automation and reduce possible errors while increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness across the board. Here is a compilation of the main advantages of CNC machines:


Because you can programme a CNC mill or other machine to perform a complex series of actions, you can often step away while the machine gets to work. This can include out-of-hours automated machining in certain set-ups, hugely increasing your productivity and rate of output. This is particularly true for precision engineers operating several CNC centres such as Oracle Precision.


Because the use of a CNC almost eliminates human error, CNC machines are highly consistent and accurate in the work they produce, providing clients with uniform and faultless products. This is what makes CNC machining so crucial for areas where quality is critical, as the level of reliability and quality in the work produced is much higher.


CNC machines more than make up for their initial costs with a high rate of output and lower number of mistakes in resulting components. Operators also require less training to operate a CNC machine and can learn how to use the machine in a virtual environment, eliminating the need for training workpieces. As these machines become more popular and widespread, their cost will continue to drop.


Any hazardous safety issues, such as a jam or other machining error, are only detrimental to the machine and not a safety issue for the operator, unlike conventional open guard machining.


CNC machines can be reprogrammed in a short period of time to produce a completely new product, making them ideal for short or long production runs. You can change programming without it being time-consuming or too costly.

CNC Machining with Oracle Precision

Here at Oracle precision, we are passionate about our company and the service we provide to our clients. Therefore we have invested heavily in the latest advances in CNC machining and have a collaboration of highly qualified engineers.

We are confident that we can provide our clients with the best services in CNC machining and will always offer the best in customer service.

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