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Sliding Head Lathe

Oracle Precision have invested in sliding head lathe technology for the precise and reliable machining of quality-critical parts, using machines perfectly in line with our commitments to rigorous quality management and compliance with industry regulations. Sliding head lathes are highly accurate and consistent multi-axis CNC machines capable of simultaneously processing turned parts. These machines provide a single setup solution for many complex parts turning processes, reducing production times and machining costs for the benefit of our clients.

We use a Star sliding head machine (the SR-32JII Type B) to deliver precision CNC machining of parts for industries as diverse as the aerospace, medical, ministry of defence, and marine sectors. Star machines are renowned for their production efficiency and stable cutting capability, often finishing parts in one setup with highly accurate and repeatable sliding head machining processes.

Star SR-32JII Type B Sliding Head Machine

The Star SR-32JII Type B is a Swiss type automatic sliding head lathe that has improved upon the accuracy, rigidity, and productivity of the popular Star SR-32J model. This 8-axis machine has a standard machining diameter of 32mm with up to 35mm possible. The main spindle can reach up to 8,000 RPM with 11.0 KW of power and 320mm of headstock stroke in Swiss mode for revolving part support. An increased number of tools allow Oracle Precision to achieve up to 39 machining positions, while the 8-spindle back working unit with Y2 axis increases overlapping opportunities for reduced cycle times.

The SR-32JII Type B boasts a modular design for increased flexibility, allowing our precision engineering team to develop many optimal machine configurations for our range of clients. One aspect of increased flexibility in this sliding head lathe’s design is the ability to deftly switch between guide bush and non-guide bush modes with a rapid changeover mechanism. Rigidity has also been vastly improved; the lathe’s Y-axis slideway incorporates a slanted dovetail structure, plus the X and Y-axis slideways are both positioned close to the cutting point for increased stability and precision.

This sliding head machine has been a fantastic addition to our ever-growing list of precision engineering capabilities, allowing us to further increase the accuracy and reliability of our parts machining output for the quality-critical industries with which we work.

The Benefits of CNC Sliding Head Lathe Machining

Sliding Head Lathe

To find out more about our sliding head machine’s capabilities and applications, you can contact Oracle Precision via email or phone.