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Design and Development

At Oracle Precision we are proud of our in-house expertise relating to high-end precision machining and the extensive knowledge of our personnel within a wide range of industry sectors.

These core skills, expertise and ‘know-how’ have been nurtured over a significant period of time and have allowed Oracle Precision to vertically integrate within the area of Research, Design and Development and are able to offer a wider range of ancillary services other than our core competency in precision machining. Such services include advice and technical expertise in product design, design for manufacture, component prototyping (SLA etc), jig / tool / fixture design and manufacture, quality plan construction, product testing, technical authorship and whole product design life cycle management. Couple this ‘front-end’ service with our core capabilities in precision manufacturing, our clients can expect to keep their overheads to a minimum, whilst maintaining control of the development cycle, and be assured of a successful outcome with regard to product realisation.

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