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Prototype Machining

A blueprint of a Formula 1 carWhether testing a product, a part or a concept, the chance to have a prototype machined by a skilled and experienced manufacturing company is often a vital cog in assisting with the decision to be reached or the progress to be made.

Our team is recognised for the quality of their work, honed by their many years of experience in, and deep knowledge gained about, the processes to be followed. Whether you require a one-off item, or wish a small pre-production run of prototype tooling or components, contact our team here at Oracle for all the help you require. We accept models in either IGES or STEP files, too.

Our team are skilled at producing the results required for a wide range of circumstances, and are used to working with many different customers from university or college research projects to key industry contractors. We also offer prototype machining services to smaller and independent manufacturers, and where companies are developing new technologies and products.

Often, speed is of the essence when prototypes are required. As a dynamic business, we are well-used to working to deadlines and showing that vital appreciation of urgency when offering the quick turnaround time needed to meet your goals, imminent deadlines, and key demands for any project or process.

Our team are skilled at working from many different starting points, including initial design sketches and key drawings, and with detailed schematics and sample models. The Oracle prototype machining team are hugely experienced and extremely flexible at working with a wide range of component materials, and we take a real interest in each project we undertake.

We fully share the excitement and satisfaction when research and development becomes a clear reality. We also appreciate that often budgets are tight at these moments, which is why you'll find we offer real value-for-money in our prototype machining work.

To find out how we can help you turn an idea into something of genuine substance, please contact us on +44 (0) 1226 350 010 or contact us below. You can also send your IGES or STEP file.

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