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Environmental Policy Statement

Oracle Precision consider environmental matters to be of critical importance. They are a primary factor in our drive for world class standards and sustainable development by continuous improvement in our activities.

We recognise that our activities impact the environment in a number of ways and it is our policy to minimise any adverse effects on the environment and the earth’s resources as well as safeguarding the health and safety of our employees and the general public.

To achieve these aims we will:
•     carry out our machining activities with consideration to the environment, habitats and health and safety
•     comply with or exceed relevant legislative standards
•     provide safe working conditions for employees and encourage them to identify possible improvements
•     protect local and wider communities from danger or nuisance resulting from our activities
•     encourage and train employees and suppliers to recognise their environmental responsibilities and the benefits available to them by implementing sound environmental, health and safety policies
•     communicate our policy and achievements widely, where appropriate and freely share the techniques used by us to generate improvements.

Approved by: 

Shaun Palmer

April 2016