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Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of Oracle Precision to provide a range of CNC machined products which satisfy the requirements of its customer base and meet all required quality, statutory and regulatory standards.

Oracle Precision is committed to providing a total quality service to its customers.

Quality is an integral part of every aspect of our business.The company operates within a Quality Management System which embraces all key business / production processes and complies with ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev C.

Oracle Precision management is committed to:
•     ensuring the continuing effectiveness of the QMS
•     providing the resources needed to manage the system
•     providing a framework for monitoring and reviewing quality objectives
•     demonstrating commitment and ensuring the quality objectives are communicated, understood and implemented
•     ensuring that the QMS is regularly reviewed at the management review meeting for suitability
•     maintaining continuous improvement in achieving delivery times and quality standards
•     reducing customer returns
•     aiming to give total customer satisfaction for all aspects of our service.

The directors are ultimately responsible for all decisions affecting the business, customer or supplier.  Any decision will be assessed for integrity before any actions are deemed suitable. In arriving at such decisions, any effect on the future functionality of the business or customer relations will be of primary importance.

All involved personnel will be given encouragement to expand their understanding of the QMS and appreciate that quality is the responsibility of all.

This policy is approved and endorsed by the directors and is supported by personnel at all levels. 

Approved by: 

Shaun Palmer

April 2016