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Oracle Purchases Doosan Twin-Turret PUMA TT2100SYYB

June 2021

With Oracle Precision’s continued expansion, we are delighted to announce our latest investment: The Doosan Twin-Turret PUMA TT2100SYYB. This industry-leading machine will enable our organisation to remain a well-established and highly respected subcontract manufacturer within the UK, continuing our growth within the aerospace, medical and marine sectors.

We believe that innovation and constant improvements are needed to succeed within this industry, and we take every opportunity to champion our local supply chain. Along with our latest purchase of the Matsuura H.Plus-300 PC15, Oracle Precision has taken steps to strengthen our lead ahead of competitors.

Why The Doosan Twin-turret PUMA TT2100SYYB?

The Puma TT series machines are built in order to provide a superior surface finish to all parts and are designed to guarantee a high level of accuracy for the long term. When mass-producing small and complex parts, the Doosan Twin-turret PUMA TT2100SYYB is extremely capable, reducing set-up times and boosting productivity.

Doosan’s Puma TT 2100SYY twin-spindle, twin-turret turning centre has Y-axis capability on both its upper and lower turrets.

This dual Y-axis capacity makes the machine extremely versatile and ultra-productive, with the twin turrets allowing simultaneous OD and ID cutting on a part in the main spindle.

Simultaneous milling and turning of components in the machine’s main and sub-spindle enable multiple finished parts to be completed in one cycle, enabling Oracle Precision to decrease downtime and increase efficiency. 

Operations can be combined by machining one side of a part in the main spindle and finishing it in the sub-spindle.

We look forward to the implementation of the PUMA TT2100SYYB within our factory and welcome all interested parties to take part in the Oracle Precision challenge, where we offer to improve upon the quality of your part, all while keeping the increasing costs at bay, too. Get in touch to take us up on this challenge.

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