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Oracle Precision Invests In New Machinery

June 2021

Investment is a key part of any business, but to us, it’s crucial to our survival and continued growth over the past 10 years.

We are pleased to announce that, after a great deal of research, we have become the proud new owners of an H.Plus-300 PC15, configured with 120 tools on an expandable 240 base, 15off 300m2 pallets for long periods of assured automated production and a 15,000rpm Maxia spindle.

Why Matsuura?

At Oracle Precision, we are no strangers to Matsuura automation, having previously invested in Matsuura multi-pallet 5 axis machines to increase our capacity and skillset, our organisation has developed a close bond with this expert innovator.

Maximising our machining capabilities has been vital since our business began, but with the effects of the pandemic looming over businesses in the UK, Matsuura has been supporting and cheering on the UK manufacturing industry. Converting individual production challenges into opportunities for productivity and efficiency improvements, they have been able to spearhead Oracle Precision’s growth in a recovering, and somewhat hesitant, market.

With this new investment, we aim to improve our ability to receive more orders, have high-quality parts generated quicker and reduce wait times for our loyal clientele. The H.Plus-300 PC15 is a powerful machine and is no comparison to a manned single-spindle vertical machine tool, which attains an average of 30% utilisation of production time - the H.Plus-300 PC15 regularly acquires 85 - 90% utilisation and in some cases more.

We look forward to the implementation of the Matsuura H.Plus-300 PC15 within our factory and welcome all interested parties to take part in the Oracle Precision challenge, where we offer to improve upon the quality of your part, all while keeping the increasing costs at bay, too. Ready to take part?

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