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Precision engineering is a field where meticulous attention to detail is crucial, but that doesn’t mean cost-saving measures can’t be implemented without compromising quality. Here are some of the strategies that Oracle Precision adheres to in order to fulfil our promises and surpass your expectations.

Quality Control

Here at Oracle, we uphold ourselves to both internal and external standards. This allows us to detect and prevent defects early within our production line therefore keeping rejects and scrapped parts to a minimum we are proud of.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Embrace cutting edge CNC machining capabilities. Our leading methods and equipment enhance efficiency and accuracy, all while reducing material consumption.

Training and Skill Development

We heavily invest in the training and skill development of our workforce, so they are more than comfortable handling our advanced machinery. Higher productivity and fewer errors come as a direct result of this.

Process Optimisation

We continuously analyse and review our manufacturing process from start to finish to identify and eliminate bottlenecks. This allows us to quote shorter lead times.

Energy Efficience

We focus our efforts on energy-efficient operations to lower utility costs while contributing to environmental sustainability.

By incorporating these strategies, Oracle Precision can strike a balance between maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency whilst saving costs in their operations.

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"Working with Oracle Precision has been a game-changer for our aerospace projects. Their 5-axis CNC machining expertise is unparalleled, and they consistently deliver parts that meet the strictest tolerances and specifications. The attention to detail and commitment to quality are truly impressive. Oracle Precision's team not only understands the intricacies of aerospace requirements but also brings innovative solutions to the table. They have become our go-to partner for achieving precision in every aerospace component we develop."

Ethan Lawson

"Oracle Precision's contribution to our medical device manufacturing process has been invaluable. Their 5-axis CNC machining capabilities have enabled us to create intricate and complex medical components with unmatched precision. The team's dedication to perfection, combined with their deep understanding of the medical industry's demands, sets them apart. With Oracle Precision, we've not only found a reliable manufacturing partner but a collaborative force that consistently exceeds our expectations. Their commitment to quality and on-time delivery has played a pivotal role in elevating the quality of our medical devices."

Olivia Bennett

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