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Prototype Machining

January 2015

Prototype machining is a skilled service that requires extensive experience and knowledge. We at Oracle Precision are experts in prototype machining. We have the ability to create one-off or pre-production runs of prototype components or prototype tooling. Our skilled engineers can offer you machining guidance and advice to manufacture cost-effective products.

The Prototype Machining Process

The process of prototype machining is derived from an initial sketch design and CAD drawing. We regularly communicate with our clients and our natural drive to create and manufacture is fuelled by our most valuable asset – we have a genuine interest in our role to create the first design of a new and innovative idea. This sets us apart from our competitors.

Our existing client base is mainly from the UK and is fast expanding throughout Europe. They benefit from our advice for design functionality and tolerance using CNC machining techniques and are predominantly repeated clients.  We work hard at delivering client satisfaction and remain true to our word. The objective is always achieved and our clients trust us with their prototype manufacturing. They know they will receive a design that matches and often exceeds their expectations.

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