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Oracle Precision Enhances Manufacturing with Additional Sliding Head Lathe

May 2024

Oracle Precision, a leader in precision engineering, is thrilled to announce the arrival of a state-of-the-art sliding head lathe, the SR-32JIII Type B. This recent addition to Oracle Precision’s facility underscores their commitment to utilising cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional quality and efficiency in manufacturing.

Arriving last Tuesday, the new machine was operational within a mere 48 hours and has already produced its first batch of components for a customer in less than four days, showcasing a remarkable improvement in production speed and delivery.

The SR-32JIII Type B lathe is renowned for its best-in-class accuracy and rigidity, making it ideal for components within the 32mm diameter range. With the 8 station back working platen featuring a Y2 axis, the machine significantly reduces cycle times by increasing "overlapping" opportunities. The total tool capacity has also been enhanced, now supporting up to 39 different tools.

This model stands out for its flexibility, allowing the engineers to switch seamlessly between guide bush and non-guide bush modes, adapting quickly to varying manufacturing requirements. The spindle performance has been dramatically improved, offering more speed and power, which is complemented by hydraulic clamping for both the main and sub-spindle collets, increasing the clamping force by up to 40%.

Oracle Precision invites you to witness the capabilities of the new sliding head lathe firsthand. Interested? then contact Oracle Precision directly to discuss demonstrations or the manufacture of sample components using this impressive new equipment.

"We are excited about the capabilities of our new SR-32JIII Type B lathe and what it means for our clients," said Shaun Palmmer, Commercial Director at Oracle Precision. "This machine not only enhances our production capabilities but also supports our commitment to delivering top-tier precision and efficiency."

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please visit www.oracle-precison.co.uk or contact Oracle Precision at info@oracle-precision.co.uk.

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