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Bringing Laser Marking In House

January 2018

Laser marking is a highly popular and viable machining service which we have now brought in-house at Oracle Precision. We work directly with customers on laser engraving complex components and also sub-contract our work to other CNC machining firms across the UK.

We have invested in fibre optic laser technology from Needham Coding and Hahn & Kolb, including machines that utilise data matrix and diode pumping technologies for highly accurate and powerful laser engraving results on a range of projects.

Laser Marking Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates the power and precision of our new laser marking systems:

Laser marking involves hitting a material surface with a beam of light that alters its appearance with permanent, precise markings. The process is low-stress and non-damaging to the material, promoting strength for quality-critical components. Diverse materials are suited to laser marking, including metals, plastics, and ceramics.

The main form of laser marking is laser engraving, which involves removing material from the surface of the workpiece. Other methods include laser annealing, where the material colour is changed through localised heating, and ablation, which partially removes coating layers from the material.

The main industrial applications of laser marking include direct part marking on materials that cannot carry labels and Unique Device Identification (UDI), which is crucial for industries such as aerospace machining and medical manufacturing.

Find out more about our laser engraving services on our laser marking service page.

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